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Support for Gpg4win

Community Support

Recieve help and help others – Volunteers of Gpg4win offer free support. Due to the huge number of users, there is a good chance of receiving helpful answers. Naturally, timely and exhaustive answers can not be guaranteed.

Professional Support

You searching for help by experts? – This service is fee-based.

Find a solution

In case timely answers, quick software modification or general consulting for using Gpg4win (installation, configuration etc.) are needed, the German Free Software companies Intevation GmbH, g10code GmbH and KDAB jointly offer suitable professional support. Pricing for this service is not listed here because the support contracts are tailored to the needs of the individual customer.

Request a quote

Please contact us with at gpg4win-professional@gpg4win.org if you plan to buy professional support from any of the three companies named above.

Please describe your needs (e.g. which of the Gpg4win applications you want support for, which crypto-workflows you have or want to establish), the number of users, your IT infrastructure (e.g. which Windows versions, terminal servers, virtual servers), which tasks you want to do yourself and what you expect from us.

We will get back to you with cost estimates and, if necessary, questions to clarify your requirements.

Support types

Professional support for using Gpg4win:
Do you have, for instance, a problem with the configuration in your company or you need support for your use of Gpg4win? Then we offer you our technical support.

Further development of Gpg4win:
Do you miss an important feature in Gpg4win or do you have ideas for the further development of Gpg4win? Then please contact us! We will provide you with an individual quote.